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Get access to anti-bullying products for parents

We have found that most information about bullying does little other than:

  • Explain that bullying is a serious problem
  • Encourage students and teachers to “speak up” when they see bullying happen

This type of information isn’t terribly useful. Who doesn’t understand that bullying is hurting our kids? And, “speaking up” — while good advice — rarely occurs because the underlying issues aren’t being addressed.

The Bully Expert takes a different approach.

In El Paso TX we provide seminars and classes for children and teens on HOW to prevent being bullied by becoming “bully proof” and HOW to stop bullying once it occurs.

We also offer anti-bullying information products for parents that teach:

  • How to help your child become “bully proof”
  • How your child should respond, if bullied and how you should respond
  • How to effectively intervene during a bullying incident

What you learn from our anti-bullying products can prevent your child from ever being bullied and, if it is already happening, make it stop.

Parents get plenty of advice about what to do about bullying, much of which is just plain wrong. Instead, they need to know HOW to solve the problem. That’s the focus of our anti-bullying products.

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