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The Bully Expert in El Paso, TX uses an anti-bullying methodology created by Verbal Defense and Influence, a street-tested, proven and continually enhanced methodology for managing conflict that has been taught since the early 1980s.

Verbal Defense & Influence is the subject of four books in the Confidence In Conflict series.

In 2009 this methodology was adapted for use with youth bullying and the resulting program is now being used in over 200 communities via a national network of certified Bully Experts.

El Paso’s Bully Expert is the only school in the area certified by Verbal Defense and Influence in their anti-bullying methodology.

We teach children in El Paso, TX via seminars and training classes the skills they need to prevent and stop bullying.

We also offer parents information on how help their child with bullying via our free anti-bullying toolkit, bullying information products and our anti-bullying blog.